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The Jewish Life Cycle:  Individual & Family Services

Berit Mila  (Mohelim)

For General Information about Jewish Circumcision  consult with:
a Rabbi
Synagogue Directory, or one of the Rabbinical organizations
on the Internet see: Birth and the First Month of Life
Chicagoland Mohelim:
Cantor Lawrence Elsberg
847 480-1999

Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst
773 539-4241

Rabbi Moshe Kushner
773 743-0337

Cantor David Landau
847 302-BRIS (2747) or 708 686-BRIS (2747)
Web Site:

Rabbi Mordechai Tarkieltaub
773 761-4878 or 800 200-9442

Rev. Noah Wolff
773 338-5599

For Mohelim certified by the Reform movement contact:
The Union of American Hebrew Congregations 847 509-0990
Or visit the Web Site of the Berit Mila Board of Reform Judaism:


For General Information about Jewish Adoption consult with:
a Rabbi
Synagogue Directory or one of the Rabbinical organizations.
Jewish Children's Bureau
provides adoption services. For information see their web site:  
Stars of David International
Chicago Area Chapter
3175 Commercial Ave., Suite 100
Northbrook, IL 60062
847 509-9929
Fax:  847 509-9545
800 STAR-349 (Stars/Int'l)
International Web Site:

Stars of David International, Inc. is a nonprofit information and support network for Jewish and partly Jewish adoptive families of all sizes, ages, and origins. Stars of David serves every stream of Judaism through its local chapter activities, international mailings, and the Internet

Bar/Bat Mitzvah  

For Information about Bar/Bat Mitzvah:
consult with a synagogue of your choice .
Synagogue Directory
On the Internet see: Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation


For Information about conversion:
Consult with a Rabbi.
Synagogue Directory

Check with the Chicago Board of Rabbis
or one of the other Rabbinical organizations/Beth Din's

For information about Reform conversion classes  see the Web Page of
The Union of American Hebrew Congregations Outreach Department Midwest Council, for a schedule of Chicago Area classes:

For General Information about Conversion:
Conservative      Reform      The Conversion to Judaism Home Page

Marriage / Divorce

For Information about Jewish Marriage or Divorce:
consult with the clergy of a synagogue of your choice

Synagogue Directory
or one of the Rabbinical organizations/Beth Din's
On the Internet see: Marriage     Divorce


Bnei Ruven Mikvah
6350 N. Whipple
Chicago, IL 60659
773  743-4282
Fax: 773 743-1578
Chicago Mikvah Association
6730 N. Mozart St.
Chicago, IL 60659
773  465-8542

Oversees operation of several Chicagoland mikvahs.

Community Mikvah of the Conservative Movement
3220 Big Tree Lane
Wilmette, IL 60091
847 256-4699
Congregation Yehuda Moshe Mikvah
4721 W. Touhy
Lincolnwood, IL 60646
847 675-5810
North Shore Community Mikvah
874 Central Ave.
Highland Park, IL 60035
847 266-0783
Peterson Park Mikvah
3541 W. Peterson
Chicago, IL 60659
773 267-8520
Touhy Mikvah
Joseph & Rose Robinson Building
3110 W. Touhy
Chicago, IL 60645
773 274-7425

Funeral Services & Cemeteries

For General Information see: Life, Death & Mourning
Chicago Jewish Funerals
3100 W. Dundee, #505
Northbrook, IL 60062
847 509-5011

Web Site:
Furth and Company
5206 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640
773  784-4300
Furth and Company
3019 W. Peterson
Chicago, IL 60659
773 784-4360
Fax: 773  561-2541
Furth and Company
9200 Skokie Blvd.
Skokie, IL 60077
847 677-4300
Jewish Burial Society
6025 N. Christiana
Chicago, IL 60659
773 588-2762
Fax: 773 539-8218
Web Site:
Lloyd Mandel Levayah Funerals
4750 W. Dempster
Skokie, IL 60076
847 679-3939
The Piser Chapel
5206 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640
773 561-4740
Fax: 773  561-5028
Web Site: 
The Piser Original Weinstein Chapel
3019 W. Peterson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659
773 561-1890
Web Site:      
The Piser Chapel
9200 N. Skokie Blvd
Skokie, IL 60077
847 679-4740
Fax: 847 674-5900
Web Site: 
Weinstein Family Services
1300 W. Devon Ave.
Chicago, IL 60660
773 761-2400
Weinstein Family Services
111 Skokie Blvd.
Wilmette, IL 60091
847 256-5700
Weinstein Family Services
Arrangement Office
355 W. Dundee, Suite 202
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
847 465-2000   
TTY 847 465-2188
Chevra Kadisha Sacred Society
6459 N. Richmond St.
Chicago, IL 60645
773 743-0074     Women:  773 681-4743

Volunteers (both men and women) who perform tahara the ritual preparation of the body for burial  (washing and dressing in a shroud) according to halacha (Jewish Law).
Jewish Cemeteries
Click Here This is a very comprehensive listing of Chicagoland Jewish cemeteries including specific sections within cemeteries.  Please Note:  the information on Funeral Directors on the top of the page is outdated.  But just scroll down, right below is were the cemetery section begins.
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Jewish Ritual Observance: Special Services

Eruvim Committees

An explanation of the use of Eruim
Information on Proposed Lakeview Eruv
Anshe Sholom B'nai Israel Congregation
540 W. Melrose
Chicago, IL 60657
773 248-9200 
Web Page:
West Rogers Park Eruv Hotline
2949 W. Touhy Ave.
Chicago, IL 60645
773 743-7882
Skokie Eruv Committee
8825 Springfield Ave.
Skokie, IL 60076
847 679-ERUV
Buffalo Grove Eruv Committee
Congregation B'nai Shalom
701 W. Aptakistic Road
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
847 541-1460

Shatnez Testing

Association For Torah Advancement
6402 N. Mozart Ave
Chicago, IL 60659
773 764-4488
Fax: 773 476-7591

Kosher Directory

Visit Kosher Chicago™ for Kosher Stores, Restaurants & Caterers


Yochanan Nathan
3116 W. Devon
Chicago, IL 60659
773 338-7704
Rabbi Betzalel M. Schur
Certified Sofer , Examiner and Batim Specialist
773-973-STAM (7826)
Rabbi Moishe Shaingarten
6239 N. Troy
Chicago, IL 60659
773 743-8269
Rabbi Mordechai Tarkieltaub
2857 W. Pratt Ave.
Chicago, IL 60645
773 761-4878 or  800 200-9442
Rabbi ChaimTwerski
2713 W. Jarlath
Chicago, IL 60645
773 761-6824
Rabbi Dovid Zucker
6630 N. Mozart
Chicago, IL 60645
773 761-0212|




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